SPRINTS: Little Fix

Dublin punks Sprints release their new single, Little Fix, off their upcoming EP, A Modern Job, coming out on March 11th, 2022 on Nice Swan Records. Once again, the band's new release is produced by Gilla Band’s Daniel Fox.

Little Fix is another dynamic punk rocker with uneasy lyrics which finds frontwoman Karla Chubb tackling themes of uncertainty, imposter syndrome and gender stereotypes. 

Karla comments: "Plagued by insecurities, imposter syndrome and gender stereotypes, Little Fix is the culmination of all my fears - the, sometimes, self applied pressure that as a woman in music I can’t just be good, I have to be great. 

"I feel like I am in a constant state of proving myself. That no matter what I achieve, learn, write, play or sing, there will always be a critic, a voice in the crowd or in my head telling me that it’s still not good enough, that there’s a million men out there who are better and I’ll always just be “good for a girl.

"Little Fix is a song that instead of running away from that fear, shit talk and criticism, it runs head first at 100 miles an hour into it. Pulling influence from Thee Oh Sees and Courtney Barnett, it’s lyrically the song I am most proud of and one that on tour proved a serious fan favourite."

Although not a strictly political band, with each new offering Sprints prove that they are strongly opinionated. Karla expands: "I don’t have to know everything to be able to tell you that something’s shit. I understand that women should have access to abortion, and I understand that mental health services are not adequate to stop people from committing suicide, so yeah, I don’t know exactly how much money is being spent on it but I don’t need to in order to tell you that it’s not enough.

"It’s just a class barrier to make people feel like, if they’re not educated enough, then they can’t be involved in the conversation. But you don’t have to be Usain Bolt to run a race, and you don’t have to understand the theory of everything to understand that, morally, someone’s an asshole."

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