toechter: Bliss

toechter (German for 'daughter') is an all-strings ensemble made up of Lisa Marie Vogel, Katrine Grarup Elbo, and Marie-Claire Schlameus. The group is a type of experimentation through which the three women explore the boundaries of modern neo-classical music, and the capabilities of their string instruments; the viola, violin, and violoncello.

toechter's debut album Zephyr is the result of the band pushing the limits of sound design by way of their bows and strings, expressing the band's drive and unity via twelve pieces of spellbinding electronic-acoustic music.

The nearly haunting and emotional Bliss delineates the trio's genre mixing properties, and it comes with an artful video created by the band. The track was recorded at the studio of the renowned electronica musician Apparat who is also behind the production and mixing. 

Photo by Camille Blake

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