Mop Buckets: Happy

With a bucket full of noise rock unconventionality, LA-based band Mop Buckets stick out, and they're composed of scene veterans Michael Crain (Dead Cross, Retox, Cunts, Festival of Dead Deer), Ryan McGuffin (Niis, Rinse, Okie Dokie), Mathew Cronk (Qui, Cunts), and Kevin Avery (Retox, Cunts, Field Day, Planet B).

The thoroughly frantic Happy is part of the band's self-titled six-track EP out through Order 05 Records. The song comes with a correspondingly maddening video featuring the artwork of Eric Allen Livingston, and it's a vibrant and magnificent depiction of the band's acidic songwriting and existentialist tendencies which come through loud and clear straight away.

With sharp instrumentals and a nervy vibe all around, the weird noise rock of Mop Bucket protrudes all bold and conspicuous.

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