Loose Ends: Yearn

Loose Ends is a fresh band from the musically vibrant city, Aarhus, Denmark. The band has just released their melodious and wild debut EP, Yearning for Something Else, through Five Foot One Records.

Yearn, which the band considers to be the closest to a ballad, is rich in grit and comes with a pleasing type of monotony and songwriting formality, demonstrating the band's aptitude.

Lead singer Holger Møller Dybro comments: “As revealed by the title, Yearning for Something Else is about longing for a change. It’s about feeling useless and indifferent – and it’s about being aware of these feelings, but still being too fucking lazy to do anything about it. It’s about feeling inadequate, and about giving up in advance.

Guitarist Lasse Frøsig Thude on the new EP's creation: “We recorded in a hot and clammy trailer in an area called Godsbanen in Aarhus. Our producer Jeppe Grønbæk of Tears, pushed us a lot, and it really elevated the EP enormously. He had us do things we never imagined, and it had a huge impact on several of the songs.” 

Yearn comes with a video directed, filmed and edited by Stefan Engelbrecht Nielsen.

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