D//E Premiere: R. Missing: Placelessness / Saturnining

Composed of vocalist Sharon Shy and musician Henry "Toppy" Frost (formerly of The Ropes), the unceasingly enigmatic New York-based act, R. Missing, follow the excellent Crimeless from last year with a couple of original tracks, Placelessness and Saturnining, together with remixes by Pilotpriest and The Field.

A nearly eerie, hazy dreampop cut in the vein of early Julee Cruise, Placelessness derives from a place of profound wistfulness and bewilderment, leaving the impression of a bittersweet, deep cut which has been kept apart from the roster of the Drive soundtrack. Similarly, Saturnining, keeps R. Missing's natural sense of nostalgia alive, yet, it arrives exhibiting its propulsive complexion, to ultimately hit as an impeccable underground synthpop wonderment.

Pilotpriest (aka filmmaker Anthony Scott Burns, director of 2020's Come True) delivers an atmospheric remix of Placelessness, and Swedish/Berlin-based electronic producer, Alex Wilner as The Field, finds a great use for his act's genre mixing particularities with an extra extensive, 13-minute take on Saturnining.

A seamless 4-track EP, Placelessness and Saturnining, is out through Philadelphia's Sugarcane Recordings, the eclectic label which has been home to artists like David Lynch, John Foxx, Clint Mansell, GusGus and The KVB among many others.

Photo courtesy of Sugarcane Recordings

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