Trip Inside Me: Naked

Having moved from Kiev, Ukraine to Berlin, the members of electronica/darkwave act Trip Inside Me cite the Berlin culture as a main influence on their sound. The band have just released of their new EP, Naked, fusing attributes from psychedelic electronica and coldwave, and exploring themes of existentialism.

We are constantly making changes in our lives, both expected and unexpected because nobody is ever exactly the same in each moment,” Trip Inside Me remark. 

The EP's propulsive title track is a vibrant darkwave number which parallelizes its energy with human connection and self-exploration. According to the band, the track reflects the moment in life when the artists felt emotionally naked in front of themselves, and found a place where they could accept themselves and others.

Trip Inside Me are Iana Ielysheva (voice, synth) and Nick Odintsov (synth, drum machine, guitar).


Photo by Alexandr Kuchinsky

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