Doused​/​True Faith: Live Split

Two fresh D//E favorites, Philadelphia shoegazers, Doused, and Boston post punks, True Faith, join forces for a live split release, with each band contributing five songs. Ultimately, the album comes through as a very hefty and imposing release which presents the two bands executing to perfection what they do best, and it couldn't be more highly recommended.

Doused's side displays the rising trio at its fuzziest and loudest, realizing the enchanting discordance of their heavy shoegaze with ardor and soul, giving real meaning and substance to the term 'shoegaze.'

True Faith's five-song set comes next with a more precise and stricter approach, introducing the grittier aspect of the band's gothic and post punk character which doesn't seem to be deviating much from the true fineness of True Faith's studio recordings.

Presenting two different sides of today's best of underground alternative rock, Doused and True Faith complement each other's sound in a very natural and unprocessed manner, and their live split release flows easily, all congruent from end to end.

Physically, the album is being released as an exclusive cassette sold on Doused and True Faith's 2022 East Coast tour. Note the dates below.


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