Moloken: 21.12.21

From, Umeå, Sweden, progressive post metal band, Moloken, return after their fourth full length from 2020, Unveilance of Dark Matter, with the standalone single, 21.12.21, a gloomy cut themed on the year's darkest day. 

The band's own, Kristoffer, explains: "The song is about the constant darkness that surround us during the winter up north we’re we live. Some can think that you should get used to it, living here year after year. But it’s more and more difficult every year! The 21th of December (21.12.21) is the darkest day of the year. In many cultures and religions the winter solstice is present in myths, story’s and life. The lyrics try to capture that."

A unified balance of gothic, progressive, sludge and doom metal, Moloken's sound dwells comfortably under a post metal genus with its dark qualities being blatant and evident all over the band's compositions and aesthetics. The expansive 21.12.21 comes with a fittingly somber video directed by Voicu Mureșanu.

21.12.21 is out on The Sign Records.

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