Doubtfire: Bronze Bull

Citing influence from a wide array of well refined heaviness and acts like Liturgy, Krallice, Yowie, Daughters, Birthday Party, Gorguts, and Kayo Dot, relatively new band, Doubtfire, deliver their own take on avant-garde extreme metal, with post hardcore as the main foundation, and a lot of defiance and assertion running through their intricate compositions.

Doubtfire began in 2014 by Nick Crider (Dumb Waiter - guitar, vocals) and Matt Wild (Hellbear - drums, vocals) with Joey Anderson (Night Idea - bass, vocals, synth) joining a little after the band's formation. Their new EP, Spewtrid, was recorded by Dave Watkins (Dumb Waiter, School Dance) in Richmond, Virginia, and mastered by Colin Marston (Atheist, Behold the Arctopus, Gorguts, Liturgy, Zs). 

After a few years of sharpening their sound into an ambiguous, yet, teeming with intensity, nuanced composite, Doubtfire put out their most realized work thus far. Spewtrid is an accurate introduction to the trio's heavy rock enigma, and a fierce listen altogether.

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