Church Girls: Dissolve

Having already built a considerable body of work including several EPs and a couple of albums, Philadelphia four-piece, Church Girls, recently released their newest full length, Still Blooms, through Anchor Eighty Four Records (US) and Big Scary Monsters (UK). Once again, the band deliver an enjoyable blend of punk rock energy and emotionality by way of introspective lyrics, pristine production and an underlying sense of wistfulness which abides in their compositions.

"It's about a codependent relationship with an alcoholic family member," the band comment on album highlight, Dissolve, a piece characteristic of the group's vitality.

Church Girls wear their nineties alternative heartstrings on their sleeves, and as a result, their new album abounds in peaks on the strength of the band's apparent eagerness, and it emphasizes on tangible issues, delighting from end to end.

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