D//E Album Premiere: Rebreather: The Line, Its Width, and The War Drone

Suppliers of a beyond the norm type of heavy rock which amalgamates noise rock, post metal, sludge and stoner rock among other styles, Youngstown, Ohio trio, Rebreather, have been an under-appreciated force for many years. The band come forth with their fifth full length, The Line, Its Width, and The War Drone, produced by themselves and mastered by Carl Saff (John Carpenter, Bongzilla, Elder), releasing on December 3rd, 2021 through Aqualamb Records, and streaming for the first time ever right below.

The album has been previously introduced by singles Choke on It, Drown - on which Rebreather collaborate with their lablemates Frayle, and their take on the Porno For Pyros track, Pets.

Vocalist and guitarist Barley Rantilla comments: "First off, we are super stoked to have The Line, Its Width, and the War Drone out for people to finally hear. Recording and organizing this LP definitely got slowed down due to the pandemic. But, it also gave us more time to listen, tweak, and add to the tracks. We’ve always been a band that rips through a recording session; it was rad to have the time to make these songs fit together the way they should.

"This was the first recording that we ever collaborated with any other musicians. Sean and Gwyn, of Frayle, were kind enough to put the work into adding vocals and extra guitars to the song Drown. And it was super cool for Shy Kennedy, of Horehound, to make her way into town to add the finale vocals to our song Silent H. No direction given…we just explained the vibe and basically said, 'do what You would do,' and they all killed it.

"The title The Line, Its Width, and the War Drone is an obvious play on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, with the gatefold album jacket setting the scene. The spine of the jacket being a fence that represents the 'line' that’s being crossed as we blindly attack each other with drones. Erik Palmerlee did an absolutely amazing job capturing the vibe with the cover artwork. The included book has additional drawings and photos of alternate versions of the cover art scene, dozens of live photographs, and an abridged account of what the band had going on over the last year or so. We’ve been fans of Aqualamb’s approach to putting out such rad artful packaging. It’s been great to work with them on doing the same thing with The Line, Its Width, and the War Drone."

Band photo courtesy of Action PR

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