Sven Helbig: Repetition

German composer Sven Helbig releases the second single ahead of the upcoming album Skills. Repetition features Chicago avantgarde sound artist Surachai, and it's a beautiful, immersive piece which amalgamates string quartet, French horns and electronics. The track arrives paired to a specially made coded video by Polish video artist Ksawery Komputery.

For the new track, Helbig takes inspiration from a specific scene which takes place in his own mind: “There’s a craftsman, sportsman or inventor in a tiny room doing the same thing over and over again. Everyone’s sleeping and it's dark outside, and there he is, red eyes, repeating his craft again and again and again. All of a sudden, through the crack in the window or slightly open door, the muses come flying in. More and more come, flying around his head and filling the room.

Repetition is another exercise of Helbig's rounded vision on the concept of skills on which he based the entirety of his new album.

The video also illustrates the composer's fascination with new and emerging skills, searching for an “optimal drawing,” a reference to the process of machine learning, "a modern programming tool that analyses data to find out how to solve a task or even predict some future events."

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