Riki: Florence and Selena

Anarcho-punk rocker-turned-classy underground pop star, Riki, unveils a new noir-stylized video for her glam and moody single, Florence and Selena. The clip was filmed in Los Angeles, directed by Travis Waddell, and it features self-styled looks by the artist herself.

Riki comments on her new offering: "Opening the scene is a moody line on the saxophone, played by Charles Gorzcinsky, followed by Josh's nostalgic twinkling keys.

"This crescendos to a peak before a momentary breath in. To breathe in is to inspire: to animate the spirit. In this case it is to tell the story of old friends whose path forward is yet unknown."

The new single is part of Riki's upcoming album, Gold, due November 26th, 2021 via Dais Records.

Photo courtesy of One Beat PR

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