No Swoon: Again

Composed of vocalist and guitarist Tasha Abbott, and bassist and keyboardist Zack Nestel-Patt, No Swoon moved from NYC to Los Angeles, and continue developing their enveloping sound which lifts from shoegaze, dreampop and post punk. For their new single, Again, the band enlisted Jonathan Smith (Magana, Vassals) to record and play drums and Chris Coady (Beach House, Hand Habits) to mix.

The band describe the new track: "This song is about when days begin and end with no real definition, about being stuck in the loop of our life where you feel like you can't get out. This was a feeling I had even before everything shut down for Covid. Living in NYC and making it work there meant I was constantly moving: work, music, sleep, etc. It is easy to lose focus and lose sight of what's important amidst the daily tasks and schedule. Again is really about not feeling grounded and feeling lost.

Again comes with a very nice, nocturnal clip directed, shot and edited by the band who also engineered and produced the track.

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