Berlin-based band IPANAZAR emerge with a wondeful six-song EP in which they showcase an overall brooding and heavy sound with an experimental slant, lifting from slowcore, grunge and noise rock. Repressed Memory Foam has a fine balance of audacious exploration and moderate accessibility which coheres and magnetizes all together.

Boyback tends toward the EP's more approachable aspect, and sounds particularly poignant.

"Boyback is one of the first songs I ever wrote. It is about yearning to step into the position of a privileged cis man in order to experience that inherit sensation of power and freedom. 'Boyback' was used by my friend to describe the proportions of my body, and while at first that made me feel self-conscious and ashamed, I used this song as a means of gaging a sense of empowerment from my bodily insecurity. It is also a fan favorite when we play it live."

IPANAZAR are Eva Nazar (vocals, Bass), Vilhjálmur S. Vilhjálmsson (guitar), Cailan Smith (guitar) and Jacopo Marzola (Drums).

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