Sven Helbig: Vision

German contemporary classical composer, Sven Helbig, will be releasing the new album, Skills on February 4th, 2022 through Modern Recordings. The string-led piece, Vision, is the first track surfacing off the coming full length, and it comes with a striking visual, filmed in one go on iPhone 6 by the artist.

Helbig has also painted the album cover in a 17th-century vanitas style canvas, depicting the different manifestation skills may take, and making this concept album a thorough and deeply personal experience. “I didn’t want the album to sound like a nostalgic lamento on dying crafts,” he comments on the approach he took with the modern elements showcased in the painting. “I see new crafts and skills being developed everywhere.

Vision introduces Skills in a rather inspiring and imposing manner, developing from simple minimalism into something alluringly melodious, ultimately forming a majestic piece which shines for both its fragility and its methodic composure.

Helbig further unfolds: “I wanted it to be a hymn on this ability we have, of standing up and developing ourselves. Because this is what we can do. All we need is freedom and time to do it. Then we can grow and become better in anything we set our minds to.

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