Secret Shame: Pure // Video

In lieu of new music from Secret Shame, the band delivers a freshly made video for their song Pure, off the Dissolve/Pure seven-inch single which came in 2020. The clip was directed by Secret Shame, and edited by lead singer Lena and Rory Rumfelt.

Composed of casual home video footage, the clip depicts the band's members remaining easy-going and creative in seclusion at a time when the entire world was being tested.

Lena unfolds: "We shot all the footage for the Pure video on our cell phones throughout the course of the pandemic. For awhile, it was difficult to be creative but making the video was a good outlet because we could go at our own pace. The song was already released and there was no pressure on time, and it’s not like touring was happening. This was a way to feel like we could keep going even if we were at a halt for the time being.  

"The lyrical content of Pure is sort of this mix of interesting imagery and this melancholic energy around feeling defeated. Originally, Matthew had the idea of playing monkey in the middle with a stuffed animal. I figured maybe we should just be covered in toys while playing this apathetic song about enduring abuse. In the end, it was fun and weird. We took turns filming flowers and skateboarding and captured each other being candidly strange. I got to sit in a bathtub with a bunch of toys and drink whiskey till 6 in the morning. There were sweet, gentle moments. I love being able to call these people my friends."

Photo courtesy of Secret Shame

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