Cassels: Charlie Goes Skiing

In the style of their recent single, Mr Henderson Coughs, UK duo Cassels release another track centered on a fictional character to convey its message, this time taking on consumerism.

I found that setting myself the brief of writing character pieces offered a nice way of sneaking quite personal things into the songs without being explicitly autobiographical,” says Cassels guitarist and vocalist Jim Beck. “I think writing can be a great way of unearthing hang ups and becoming acquainted with your own anxieties. In the case of this album, I found an additional pleasure in exploring these anxieties through the vehicle of third person narratives.

Charlie Goes Skiing is another sharp post punk cut, lyrically acute and instrumentally fervent.

Jim Beck describes: “Capitalism as organised religion. Not a particularly original idea, but one I had fun with on this song nonetheless. I really hope people pick up on the irony in this one. It’s definitely not intended to be an endorsement of Western consumerism, in fact quite the opposite. Saying that, I imagine the people who’ll completely miss the joke are exactly the kind of ghouls the song is satirising. Pre-order the album now!

Cassels are Jim and Loz Beck, and their new album A Gut Feeling will be coming out February 4th, 2022 via God Unknown Records.

Photo by Chelsea Jackson

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