Nothing: The Great Dismal // Video

The Great Dismal, the title track to Nothing's latest album which didn't make it on the album, now releases as part of a complementary three-song EP, and the band pair it to a cinematic video which showcases the everyday struggles and musings of people in Philadelphia.

The video was directed by Mike Martine and Tyler Wray, produced by Everything Is Stories and executively produced by Domenic Palermo and  Steven Bush.  

Everything Is Stories comments: “Steinbeck put it best, ‘Where there is little danger, there seems to be little stimulation.’ Perhaps the pattern of struggle is so deeply imprinted in the genes of all life conceived in this benevolently hostile planet that the removal of obstacles automatically atrophies a survival drive.

Nothing's Domenic Palermo adds: “With EIS we don’t film to defend an idea or demonstrate one. We (often chaotically) start from a place without structure or form to depict the inherent beauty of destruction. Even with disarray unfolding in the streets around us there is still a beauty, that once recognized, can’t be unseen.

It’s a hard life down there, it always has been. I suppose it’s obvious I’ve always been obsessed with my city and its people, but it’s always a fine line between documentation and exploitation when trying to convey a world people can’t necessarily fathom. The last thing I’d ever want to do is seem like some culture vulture gentrifier filming addicts.

So much of that going on now. So, we really didn’t want to have an idea where any of this would go while we were down there. We asked open-ended questions with 10-15 people, some friends, some strangers. Questions about youth and simpler times, God and meaning, or how or if the world would ever end. Our main goal was to let them create their own narrative while we just filmed them in their respective environment. It’s funny how something so bleak can still feel so beautiful.

This is EIS’ specialty though and why I love working with them. They are the masters of ‘fly on the wall storytelling’ while retaining such density on film.

The Great Dismal B-Sides is out through Relapse Records.

Band photo by Ben Rayner

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