BORGBORG is an experimental project from Düsseldorf/Berlin, Germany, which utilizes elements from many aspects of darkwave and dark electronica into something which has the air of being both long-established and a fresh twist for the genre.

Syncope is the act's second single, an exercise in dark minimalism enhanced with direct lyricism and cold vocals, which protrudes for its poetic spirit and its inspired interpretations.

BORGBORG explains: "Syncope is a song about pushing limits and balancing on a thin line. Surrender control and arise from the ashes. Blackout and reboot. Erase and rewind. Control and Release. Rhythmic shift, a transient blackout, in error mode.

"Syncopation refers to rhythmic constellations that create a conflict between the intended scheme of a time signature and the irregular rhythmical sequence that deviates from it. 

"It is also a song about Ohnmacht and Macht. Fight for what you love and burn for. Be conscious and use your power wisely."


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