Marconi Union: Breaking Point

Another characteristic example of the particularly propulsive nature of their upcoming album, Signals, Marconi Union's Breaking Point finds the band exploring the shrewdness of the Manchester trio's exquisite musicianship. 

"Breaking Point began as an ambient piece," Marconi Union's Duncan Meadows describes. "It's a good example of what we were trying to achieve with Signals in making the ambience part of the music, as opposed to being background."

"It’s a journey track, one that gives you a sense of being in motion," the band's Richard Talbot adds. "I really like the combination of the “motorik” rhythm and the melodic guitar line which has echoes of 'Sleepless' from our second album Distance (2005). I guess it feeds into all my fantasies of music literally taking you on a journey."

Signals arrives on November 5th, 2021 on Just Music. 


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