Magnus Josefsson: December

A piece of contemplative elegance, December, is the second single unveiled by Swedish musician Magnus Josefsson through his new label, The Mirror Factory, based in a closed mirror factory in Fröseke in Småland. 

Like the previous endeavor, Josefsson's new track includes an impressive lineup of collaborators, including mastering by Simon Scott (Slowdive), and players Magnus Olsson (Melissa Horn), Christoffer Gunrup (The Amazing), Sylvester Schlegel (The Ark), Andreas Stellan (Dungen) and Heather Phillips (Starry Skies).

The song originated from a riff the artist with which Josefsson came up at soundcheck while being on tour in Germany on a cold December. From there the song grew into a completely realized, sharp post rock number with a mesmeric tone and a very interesting instrumental direction. In the artist's own words: "I think December has a great feeling of success and finally reaching the finish line.

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