Cold Choir: Paper Flowers (Remix by XOR)

From the dark electronica scene of Asheville, North Carolina, XOR and Cold Choir present a two-track remix release. Cold Choir offer their own take on XOR's Hands Full Of Electricity, originally on the artist's debut album, and he does a vibrant rework of Paper Flowers, a recent single for the darkwave duo.

"I really liked the energy of the toms in the original so I wanted to bring the whole song up to that level," says XOR. "Paper Flowers is an anthem for anyone who has been marginalized," Cold Choir comment. "It's a call to action: Rise up and claim your power."

A propulsive cut, Paper Flowers hits hard through its dark energy, and this new version by XOR unveils a similar, yet, different aspect of the original, with both versions complementing each other very well.


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