Basement Revolver: Tunnel Vision

Following their very good debut album, Heavy Eyes, Hamilton's Basement Revolver prepare of the release of their sophomore full length, Embody, a product of quarantine-fixed creativity, exploring concepts around "identity, faith, mental illness, and sexuality." 

Tunnel Vision, the quartet's latest single, is a noisy and heavy shoegaze piece whose instrumental fuzziness is wonderfully contradicted by a soft and emotional vocal delivery. The song is about guitarist and vocalist Chrisy Hurn’s battle with bulimia and body dissatisfaction, and it seethes with severity.

"Eating disorders are – for lack of a better term – a mindfuck," the band comment. "Unfortunately, many aspects of pop culture confirm elements of EDs by focusing heavily on weight loss, fat phobia, and unrealistic beauty standards."


Band photo courtesy of Auteur Research

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