Weston Super Maim: 180​-​Degree Murder

Weston Super Maim began as a solo instrumental endeavor by UK musician Tom Stevens (All Of Space, Brown Stratos), and in its current iteration it has evolved to an extreme metal duo with the addition of US-based Seth Detrick (PDP) on vocals. The band puts forward an unfathomably heavy take on contemporary progressive metal, with elements from thrash, death metal and hardcore shining as main components of their intricate sound.

180-Degree Murder is part of the band's two-song release of the same title, and it's a weighty number, not for the faint of heart. Technically complex and incredibly intense from end to end, the song is an expression of utter desolation, distress and nihilism, with ample amounts of fury intermingled into the mix. Weston Super Maim convey a more experimental/avant-garge side of technical death metal, and although they can be compared to voices already heard, their sound emerges like something exhilarating and perceptive.

180-Degree Murder is paired to an amazing clip of accordingly devastating visuals. Tom Stevens comments on it: “We wanted to make the most visually insane video possible, to match the craziness of the music, and it feels like we just about got there. The 3D animation is by UK designer Ben Koppel – I stumbled across his work on Instagram and immediately thought it was perfect for the song. It’s actually some work that he had already created independently and was kind enough to let us use for the video. The rest of the shots we amateurishly filmed at home, and then I spent several hundred hours editing it all together because I have no clue how to edit videos. Still, it turned out pretty good, and we are disturbingly excited to finally be able to share it!

Band photo courtesy of Earsplit PR

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