Seabreather: Squalls

Baltimore-based post rock band, Seabreather, release Squalls, a quite euphonious and heavy piece which is the first and only single ahead of their forthcoming album, Off A Bow Echo, expected out on September 24th, 2021 via Forest Field Music.

Led by Quinn Struke, Seabreather come up with an accustomed and dense take on post rock, established on the genre's standards, with extensive compositions, a penchant for mellow melodies and thickset instrumentation. Squalls sounds like an archetypal, riff-based post rocker, with the orchestral approach providing the additional wonderment.

Like every Seabreather album, the idea for Off A Bow Echo is based on an element of nature, and this time the concept is rainstorms, as the band explores the far opposites of their sound, and parallelize the nature's variability with their own feelings in regard to the current state of the US and the entire world.

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