Supersoakerr: Head Noise

Sydney-based band Supersoaker is composed of experienced members from various indie bands of the local scene. Having kept a low profile with their faces and names undisclosed, Supersoakerr hope to put the main focus on the music, and so far they have emerged with a couple of prominent singles.

Head Noise, is the band's newest offering which they describe as a "plea for help." Pulling from current and classic garage rock with a lot of fuzz and energy, the song also come with a quite solemn theme. "It is a track about anxiety and that even after it has consumed all your energy in a day it still keeps you awake all night," they comment.

Supersoaker have an entire full length self titled album in the works, expected out on October 15th, 2021, produced by Matt Cochran (Walken).

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