Suiix: The Great Nothing // Video

A few months after the release of their mesmeric single, The Great Nothing, Sydney's Suiix pair the song to a well made music video in which the band's consummate blend of dreampop and psychedelia finds its visual match.

The video's footage was filmed in the bushland of Little Jilliby, NSW by director Luke Fuller by use of minimal equipment and crew, and it was the edited by Brenton Cassidy, and diverged into a beautiful, creative film which sums up the song's psychedelic nature.

"I wanted to create a contorted dream that feels as if it was stumbled upon, like a relic that calls to you," says director Luke Fuller. "A dark loop that lures you in, leaving you lost and doomed to the abyss."

The Great Nothing will be included in the upcoming debut album by Suiix.

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