Nihiloceros: Halfway Human

New York-based punks Nihiloceros released their new album, Self Destroy, recently through Totally Real Records, presenting a revived take on traditional US punk, often grunge and lo-fi rock bent, and other times with a power pop proclivity, in the vein of Jawbreaker and Dinosaur Jr.

The notably accessible and memorable Halfway Human is part of the concept album which comes with a gripping narrative. 

In the band's own words: "The previous track ended with the rogue survivors of the species shooting themselves into outer space on homemade rocket to escape the dying planet. Halfway Human picks up on the surface of the new corners of space in an undisclosed period of the future where the species is having trouble holding onto and remembering the bits that remain from what it was like to be human."

While latching on to a profound, esoteric concept, Nihiloceros manage to appear rather reachable and easy to grasp, and their new record is an appealing example of their aptitude as a band.


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