Errorr: Servant

Servant, the debut EP by Berlin-based noise rock/post punk act, Errorr, releases on September 15th, 2021 via Anomic Records, and it has produced a chain of very interesting singles. The latest, the EP's vibrant title track, is a driving number themed on political power and corruption.

"The lyrics are not related to any specific country or government but rather a fictional vision of a decadent society," says Leonard Kaage, the main creative force in Errorr, and also guitarist and producer of The Underground Youth. "With that said, inspiration often comes from something real. Governmental power abuse is real in many countries."

Parallelizing its alluring melody and structure to the political dominance on which it bases its concept, Servant becomes a directly engaging listen, and one of the most captivating offerings of the band thus far.

The song comes with a nice, simple video, filmed in Greece, depicting a masked woman in a Victorian dress dancing on the stairs of an empty street. 

"We filmed this video exactly a year ago, it was August last summer, in my home town Thessaloniki. I knew immediately that I wanted to film this on those specific stairs of that narrow street," explains Olga Karatzioti-B who has also directed of the clip. "If you listen to the lyrics they definitely remind us of George Orwell's 1984, so I wanted to use a dystopian scenery similar to the one I was picturing outside of Winston Smith's four walls while reading the book. Recreate that coldness and loneliness. Besides, being alone in empty streets was and is not far from our current reality."

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