Elektrokohle: Junkie House

Berlin-based German-Italian duo, Elektrokohle, describe their act as cold-punk which is very accurate given the rather gritty fusion of post punk, coldwave, garage rock and synthpunk attributes which comprise their sound. 

Junkie House is part of their two-song demo, Junkie House / Angst - Demo, a song about the venue at Herzbergstr. 100 in East Berlin. The song is paired to Angst, a slightly more avantgardistic piece which carries the same immediacy, and contributes to rounding out Elektrokohle's strong first impression.

Visceral and raw, yet, rather poignant, Elektrokohle emerge in an impressive manner, and their timeless kind of directness is certainly something to behold, of which to be watchful.

Band photo courtesy of Elektrokohle

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