Zetra: Care

Although tough to pinpoint in simple terms, London duo Zetra come forth with a very inviting sound, exhibiting mainly a form of shoegaze and synthpop melodiousness which is counterbalanced with ample grunge grit, doom metal heaviness and lo-fi aesthetics.

The band's new single, Care, is a memorable, gazey pop piece, abounding in melancholy and pensiveness. The song is part of the band's impending EP, From Within, which was previously introduced with the heavier recent single, Life Melts Away.

Zetra describe the new track: "A shadowy figure stalks the streets of a nameless city, seeking validation in the Fear and Panic that follow his every act, all the while begging his pursuers to not let him get away."

Both Zetra's new songs feel like the embodiment of both genre mixture and abrasiveness, and can't go unnoticed.

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