Blood Handsome: Love Lost

Since the Deluxe release of their newest album, Rituals, darkwave act Blood Handsome has put out a collaborative project with Control I'm Here, and a remix of their signature track Love Lost by NITE. 

Belonging firmly in the dark synthpop and post punk realm, Blood Handsome draws from a pretty wide selection of influences, including synthwave and contemporary electronica, together with more rock-oriented sounds. Rituals found the project blooming with broodiness, and harnessing their ability to bring into play the different qualities of their art into something fully fledged and cultivated.

"Love Lost was the perfect representation of what we were feeling as artists," Blood Handsome comment on the piece which seems to be exemplary of what they have to offer. "The track touched back on post punk roots, and was very refreshing to write and record."

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