XOR: Tooth Worms

With XOR's self-titled debut album already out, the Secret Shame bassist who evolved into a darkwave hopeful on his own merit, releases another single and visual. The video which comes with the synthpop glare of Tooth Worms was filmed in and around Matthew's remote mountaintop compound outside of Asheville.

XOR offers insight on the inspiration behind Tooth Worms in a statement: "Tooth Worms is about how people used to believe that tooth aches were caused by worms eating away at teeth from the inside. Mistaking a tooth’s exposed nerve for a worm, they would pull it out. The paradigm of historical progress has us convinced that we have things figured out now, that we’ve moved beyond antiquated beliefs to a place of enlightenment. Sure, we’ve figured a lot out since believing in tooth worms, but we’ve also lost a lot of knowledge, and there’s a lot we don’t know. Someday, if people figure out how not to go extinct, a lot of things we believe to be true today will seem silly."

Artist photo by Mica Rage

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