Deafheaven: In Blur

Contemporary metal act - innately turned into heavy, prog-bent shoegazers, Deafheaven, release the final installment ahead of their much anticipated new full length, Infinite Granite which is coming on August 20th, 2021 via Sargent House.

In Blur is the most imposing of the singles the upcoming album has originated so far, a piece of remarkable melodiousness and superb production, owing to producer, Justin Meldal-Johnsen and engineers Jack Shirley and Darrell Thorp, while the video is an incredibly well executed work which applauses the old days of late night MTV, and shows like 120 Minutes and Alternative Nation. It was directed by John Bradburn and cites direct influence from Sisyphus, a figure from the Greek Mythology who was dealt the eternal punishment of forever rolling a boulder up a hill, only for it to roll back down every time it came to the hilltop.

Photo by Robin Laananen

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