The Stick Figures: N-Light / Green

The Stick Figures were a great post punk band from Tampa, Florida, active from 1979 to 1981. A fundamentally underground act, The Stick Figures have only released four tracks on their one and only self-titled EP, still, it was enough to not only cause a stir in the local scene at the time, but also grab the attention of John Peel who was one of the band's champions.

Newfound label, Floating Mill Records, will be releasing an anthology titled Archeology which will include the entirety of the band's aforementioned EP, as well as bonus material, like unreleased studio and live recordings, as well as a new experimental rendition of one of the four original tracks.

N-Light, the opening number of The Stick Figures' sole EP, is also the first track on Archeology, and it's an agitated lo-fi post punk number which displays the band's intentions and distinction right off the bat.

Green is one of the six previously unreleased studio recordings, and it enamors with its brilliant raucousness and its overarching sense of controlled disarray, with vocalist Rachel Maready Evergreen delivering an unhinging performance.

The entirety of Archeology arrives on September 3rd, 2021, while more is expected from The Stick Figures and Floating Mill Records.

Band photo courtesy of Floating Mill Records

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