Fascinations Grand Chorus: Pandemonium

Fascinations Grand Chorus present the second part of their new album, Terror in the Night; a horror-themed work presented in three acts, with the first part already out since late 2020. The ambitious project is expected to be concluded in October 2021 with its final installment. Terror in the Night was recorded to tape in Jersey City and produced by Dennis Pierce and Fascinations Grand Chorus.

With the summer being a more appropriate backdrop for the album's theme and vision, Terror in the Night combines bubblegum pop sounds with slasher horror aesthetics. FGC's approachable style of songwriting narrates an arresting story. Ultimately, life-threatening danger has never sounded so congenial.

Pandemonium is a densely structured piece which underlines the duo's idealized take on terror, as the entire project sounds equivalent to the illogicality which is often a huge part of horror films.

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