The Silver: Fallow

New band The Silver are composed of brothers Matt and Jamie Knox from death metal act Horrendous, together with Enrique Sagarnaga of epic doom metal group Crypt Sermon and newcomer Nick Duchemin. 

About three years ago, Enrique reached out with the goal of starting a metal band where we weren’t hiding behind the typical metal tropes,” Matt Knox lets us in on the new group's formation and intent. “We wanted to do something rooted in black metal sounds without being a black metal band—and with more vulnerable lyrics. We collectively wanted to find the magic in regular human experience, both horrific and sublime. Every song on the record is about one of those experiences.” 

Ward of Roses is the upcoming album by The Silver, introduced by the much winsomely chaotic, Fallow, a piece which abounds in raw metal energy, bringing to mind a series of references at once, while having its own pure character. “I think it’s a pretty good overall statement of what the band is,” Matt says. “The song isn’t focused so much on anyone’s individual experience. It’s more of a universal meditation on love ending—and the fact that it does so often. We wanted to take this common experience and imbue it with the weight and beauty of myth, and this became the foundation of our lyrical approach—seeing and unveiling the sublime, the dramatic, the profound moments that shape a human life.” 

The Silver will release their debut, Ward of Roses, on October 15th, 2021 via Gilead Media. 

Artist photo by Scott Kinkade
Album cover by Paul Romano

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