Hainbach: Home Stories

Experimental electronica musician and gearhead, Hainbach, will be releasing the upcoming album, Home Stories, on August 24th, 2021 through Seil Records, introduced by the incredibly solemn title track and its beautiful accompanying video.

Themed on change and transformation, Home Stories was recorded in Germany's mountainous Black Forest region, the artist old home, and it reflects on the transformations through which the area has gone over the years, and the entire country's nuclear power phase-out.

Musically, the song is an uncompromising experimentation on familiar sounds, given through an abstract lens, all after the fashion of Hainbach's practically explorative musicianship. "The premise of this track and the upcoming album is that transformation is possible," a statement serves the new release. "It frees the known to dare into the unknown."

The captivating visual which comes with the song was created by filmmakers Felix and Julian Moser who excellently capture nature's connection to energy and how it is portrayed in the amazing landscapes. The artists followed retired workers on a tour through their former rock salt mine, which has turned into a temporary storage for radioactive waste. This expedition culminated in the core of a nuclear reactor, finished in 1990 but never put to use due to the uncertainty which came with the end of the Cold War.

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