Full Of Hell: Industrial Messiah Complex

Garden Of Burning Apparitions is the next album by purveyors of all kinds of extreme heaviness, Full Of Hell, expected out on October 1st, 2021 through Relapse Records, and introduced with the impressive first single, Industrial Messiah Complex.

Frontman Dylan Walker comments on the new track: “Industrial Messiah Complex examines the commodification and weaponization of faith and spirituality. This misdirection is a ploy for control and power. Whether through some profit obsessed mega-church or via militaristic action, humanity is raked over the coals and bled out until there’s nothing left but cinders and dust.

Themed on the idea of organized religion and how the commercialization and exploitation of religion lead to the opposite of true spirituality, Industrial Messiah Complex is a powerful piece, forceful on account of both its lyrical and instrumental approaches.

I think it’s good that we tried not to pigeonhole ourselves early on,” Walker says of the band's creative flexibility. “Because now, 10 years in, we have the opportunity to make whatever record we want, within reason, and people will follow along.

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