Acid Dad: She Only Eats Organic

Psychedelic rockers Acid Dad released their wholesome new album, Take It From The Dead, through Brooklyn’s Greenway Records and the mighty LEVITATION’s label, The Reverberation Appreciation Society. Despite its 35-minute brevity, the eight-song release is a gratifying listen which evinces the band's progressing maturation.

Lead single, She Only Eats Organic, is one the album's enjoyable highlights, and it comes with an intense post punk feel.

Acid Dad describe: "She Only Eats Organic is a cheeky reference my vegetarian/vegan lifestyle combined with the day to day non-sense you encounter in NYC. In the song I re-meet my partner for the first time on the subway but struggle to navigate the city. It’s all about trying to make ends meet but also trying to find the comedy in it all. I wanted the repetitive guitar riff to be psychedelic but also represent the anxiety that encompasses the city, making a fast shredder that’s a blast to play live!"

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