Pure Adult: Cam Girls

Eccentric post punk act, Pure Adult, release their new single. Cam Girls, through Poor Man Records, accompanied by a clip of intensity and peculiarity, paralleled to the music's strong nerve.

The visual which comes with a song is primarily a video collage of random psychedelic and saturated scenes, mingled with examples of the band's energetic live act.

"Cam Girls wanders into the brush of the growing mass surveillance state," Pure Adult state. "We’re all cam girls in a mass surveillance state. Whether you like it or not, you’ve likely been a webcam model for some invasive corporate and governmental data-collecting."

Composed of Bianca Abarca and Jeremy Snyder, Pure Adult have made a rather powerful impression thus far with both their early material and their live presence. Cam Girls continues in that same uncommon path, with the levels of oddity and drive being once more notably high, as those two characteristics of the band's art keep complementing one another.


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