Pram Of Dogs: BMV I & II

UK film and TV composer Pram of Dogs returns after the acclaimed full length, Matter - Anti, with a set of two concise, atmospheric pieces, once more released through Phantom Limb’s Spirituals imprint.

Staying true to their enigmatic nature, Pram of Dogs still don't disclose their identity, except from the fact that they work as a composer of film score. Adding to the mystique, this time around Pram of Dogs invites a second musician as a collaborator on these new works who's also a respected name in the film music, but their name also remains unrevealed.

BMV I & II uses choral textures and once more uses the artist's expertise and finesse in instrumentation to achieve its strong impressibility. The result is bizarre, unconventional and abundantly melancholic.

After the release of Matter - Anti in September 2020 I finally got round to digitising a collection of rare old recordings I had on DAT,” Pram of Dogs writes. “They were like nothing I have ever heard before and became my escapism from lockdown. We over-dubbed and processed these recordings hundreds and hundreds of times, slowly piecing together and creating beds of sound that we improvised and composed over.

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