Pink Milk: Main Title Terminator 2 Theme

On July 11th 2029, the North American Resistance will launch an assault on defense grid and mainframe of Skynet at SAC-NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. Skynet will have sent a T-800 Terminator back to May 12th, 1984, to kill Sarah Connor before her son's birth. John Connor's aide, Kyle Reese, will enlist to travel to 1984 to save Sarah Connor, while John will reprogram a T-800 Terminator to be sent to 1995 to protect his younger self. 

To commemorate these future events of the film which inspired them to start the band, Sweden's Pink Milk give their own twist to the soundtrack composed and originally released by Brad Fiedel.

Pink Milk's dreamy, dark and ultra moody take on the theme of Terminator 2 has been experienced by select audiences as the band used to play it live, yet, it is now available for everyone to enjoy through the well captured studio version.

Pink Milk are working toward the release of their sophomore full length which will arrive in Fall 2021 through Black Hair Records.

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