Nihiloceros: iamananimal

Successors to the lively, power pop-infused punk sound of bands like Hüsker Dü, The Replacements and Jawbreaker, Brooklyn band, Nihilioceros, announce their impending album, Self Destroy, and introduce it with the earworming punk directness of first single, iamananimal.

Melodious, gritty and straight to the point, iamananimal finds the punk trio in a much energetic mode, challenging humanity's relevance, and exploring man's inherent animality, a common theme for Nihiloceros. The song also points out the coming full length's title, ultimately becoming something very distinctive of what this band does and has to offer.

Nihiloceros are Mike Borchardt (guitar, vocals), Alex Hoffman (bass, vocals), and German Sent (drums). Self Destroy comes out September 17th, 2021 through Totally Real Records.

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