A Growing Scarcity of Expectation // A Compilation by Destroy//Exist

First person writing and music journalism don't agree that well. I'm not comfortable with the immediacy the first person point of view achieves between the writer and the reader. Conversely, third person writing creates a better sense of objectivity, which may not be one hundred percent absolute, but I find it way more eloquent and more convincing. I'm not much of a fan of long reviews either. Descriptive, yet, straight to the point is the type of text I enjoy reading, and also my approach for Destroy's voice. For this one, I have to disregard both these standards. This is the kind of read which contains more words than necessary, written in first person, on the grounds of A Growing Scarcity of Expectation, the first digital compilation by D//E, being partly a personal endeavor.

At the time of the compilation's release, D//E didn't have anything special to commemorate. Maybe we'll do something similar when we reach the ten-year mark, but this is not it. A Growing Scarcity of Expectation was put together due to mere inherent creativity, a simple need to produce something which is worth to exist in the world, and a dare which no one called.

I had written a different draft of this, in which I went on and on about stuff; things such as the length of time for which I have been a fan of APTBS, how much I am consistently enamored by Bestial Mouths’ sounds and aesthetics, how Psychic Graveyard overwhelm me with their humbleness, and how I believe in all the younger bands and artists who ended up being involved in our compilation. I discarded that version though, because the attempt to mention every single one of the participants and what their contribution meant, resulted in something quite verbose and very boring. The music itself should be the main and only focus.

I’m thankful for every interaction with every artist which happens as a consequence of the work we do on Destroy//Exist, a website which has never asked for- nor expected reciprocations, and will never engage in atrocities like payola, although its maintenance isn’t exactly a breeze. The appreciation we receive from both the artists and the audience’s end is truly being felt, always.

Thanks to everyone who went the extra mile to make A Growing Scarcity of Expectation existent. The only goal was to leave behind something of merit, and those 24 acts made it exactly that.

For those of us to whom life hasn’t been very kind, music will always be a safe haven.

Stace Zombie Rust

01. A Place to Bury Strangers - Fine
02. Psychic Graveyard - Building You A Rainbow
03. GHXST - Don't Leave Me Here
04. BYSTS - Garlands
05. Did You Die - Mustard Eyes
06. Constant Smiles - Can't Let Go
07. True Faith - Giving Up
08. XOR - And On
09. salo - Dispel
10. Caress - Dream Girl
11. Deaf Dance - She's In Black
12. Chilindrina - With Bat Like Wings
13. The Tunnel - Red Mood (Cyber Version)
14. Bestial Mouths - DEATHLESS (THE BLEED MIX)
15. Astari Nite - ALL ELSE IS A CURSE [Steven OLaf RE-MIX]
17. Darkswoon - Fireplace (Sn<che Remix)
18. Death Hags - Sun Standing Still
19. Echodrone - Midnight Frost (Colin Christian Fellowship Remix)
20. Vision Video - Heart on Fire (Demo)
21. Iress - Shamed (Live)
22. Lacing - Slacker (Demo Version)
23. Waterman Fragment - Quemado
24. Theyrgy - No End In Sight (Destroy//Exist Edit)

Destroy//Exist presents its first digital compilation, A Growing Scarcity of Expectation, including some of the finest established and rising acts in underground music.

At the time of the release, all tracks were previously unreleased, and some exclusive to this compilation.

Post punk, shoegaze, dreampop, darkwave, noise rock and electronica sounds come together to a disparate, yet, cohesive blend which closes in on an almost three-hour total.

This compilation's profits will be donated to Cat Care Society, a small non-profit organization which has been improving the quality of life for homeless, abused, and injured cats for over 30 years.

Compiled and executively produced by Stace Zombie Rust.

Artwork by Welder Wings.

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