Lotus Thrones: Liberate

Proving there is much more depth to the already very enjoyable post metal surface of its foundation, Lotus Thrones reveals the video for the fantastic new track, Liberate, following on from Fatigue and Diametric Retrograde.

A strong avantgardistic aura projects impressions of Twin Peaks, while the very intriguing piece also sounds inherent, original and downright nightmarish. The new song finds Lotus Thrones' Heath Rave enlisting Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Bloodiest, Corrections House) on saxophone who provides the track with a noir jazz intensity which blends perfectly with the slow burning post metal feverishness of its base. Accordingly dark, the video which comes with Liberate was directed by David Brenner.

Lotus Thrones' upcoming full length, Lovers In Wartime, will be out on July 30th, 2021 through Disorder Recordings. 

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