Affairpop: How Much Longer

The Affair was an original new wave and power pop act, formed in the mid-seventies, including members Keith Marwick, Brian Potter, Phil Dove and Iain McKenzie. The band signed with Virgin's Dindisc in 1979, and when that didn't work out, they went on to RCA Sunbury, managed by Jeremy Thomas and Max Hole.

One of the genre's lost treasures, The Affair were signed and managed by Simon Cowell before they evolved into NVU, a duo by the band's Keith and Brian. The book, It's Affair Pop, Gov., which chronicles the band's story, was published in 2020.

The very lively, How Much Longer, presents the band's cutting sharp new wave sound, originally recorded in 1982, and recently remixed and remastered. There are many more unsung gems from where this came, so looking up The Affair is certainly recommended.

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