Grouper: Unclean Mind

Liz Harris' Grouper is reaching the impressive amount of twelve albums, with the upcoming Shade expected to be released on October 22nd, 2021 through Kranky. 

Parts of the new full length were recorded on Mount Tamalpais during a self-made residency a while ago; other pieces are even older and were created in Portland, and the rest of the album was laid down during recent sessions in Astoria.

First example off the coming album is Unclean Mind, a piece of raw acoustic fragility and beauty, and it finds the artist channeling partly obscure folk from the sixties and seventies, as well as more contemporary indie sounds, always through a distinctive experimental and experiential filter. 

Grouper outlines Shade as "an album about respite, and the coast, poetically and literally.  How we frame ourselves in a landscape, how in turn it frames ourselves; memories and experiences carried forward mapping our connection to place."

Artist photo by Gordon Ashworth

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