DEADLETTER: Monday Night Terrors

Yorkshire, South London-based post punk band, DEADLETTER return with their new single, Monday Night Terrors, flaunting neat production courtesy of Theo Verney (TRAAMS, Lazarus Kane, FEET), as well as their own ability to combine a storytelling style of prose with bursting brashness, hinting at great post punk acts such as The Fall and Gang of Four.

Monday Night Terrors is themed on nightmares, and it finds the band delivering a very expressing performance. 

Singer and frontman Zac Lawrence comments on the new single: "Monday Night Terrors is a response to a severely terrifying series of early-hours nightmares I experienced. I had three dreams within one another, like three Russian-doll polythene bags wrapped around my head. Upon my perceived awakening from each dream, further horrors occurred, to the point that when I finally awoke, I was unable to tell whether or not I truly was sentient, as the horror continued."

DEADLETTER are Zac Lawrence (vocals), George Ullyott (bass) Will King (guitar), Alfie Husband (drums). 

Band photo by Joel Kerr

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